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Jim is a certified laughter yoga teacher, having completed training under the auspices of Laughter Yoga International 

Jim Gordon

 After years as a journalist, I got my masters degree in the study of conscious aging, (Gerontology)  and realized laughing and aging are a natural fit.

 After years as a skeptical reporter turned jaded journalist  I needed an infusion of joy and became a certified laugh yoga teacher in 2011.  I earned my Master’s Degree in Gerontology, 2016,  

I am a volunteer for Hospice, a co-founder of Edible Independence serving meals to seniors living at own home. (www.edibleindependence.com.) a BS in Aging and Social Work, and am a certified Senior and Family Mediator as well as a certified aging in place specialist with the American Homebuilder's Association. I am a past-president of SageArts (www.Sagearts.org.) a nonprofits inter-generational arts group.

I live with my wife in the Hudson Valley of New York State.

Laughing at Aging

I have run scores of laughter yoga classes, with seniors citizens in facilities, with gifted teens in schools, with highly mobile millennials in skyscrapers, with cancer support groups, with volunteers and staff at Hospice and with persons living with Parkinson’s Disease. My wife and I do laughter yoga most mornings and start the day smiling.

Gerontology makes it apparent there are many common sense and effective ways for humans to age well. They can be summed up as a triangle of wellness, exercise, socialize and intellectualize, that is, challenge the mind and body and spirit to keep learning. And like life itself, laughing can be done alone, but works best when people come together, sparking contagious glee.

Laughter is an elixir of sorts, a font of wellness and good feeling.    Simply laugh for no reason and your brain releases serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. We may use this, our minds are smarter than our brain.

I became a certified laughter yoga teacher, in 2011,  under the auspices of Laughter Yoga International (www.laughteryoga.org) I learned laughter yoga from the masters, my teacher Vishwa Prakash and his friend the laugh guru who invented laughter yoga, Dr. Madan Katria, a cardiologist who developed the practice to assist his patients and now spreads it globally.  


Thanks for coming to the website. Explore. Enjoy. Laugh. Come back often, and laugh along, send me suggestions and we’ll laugh together.

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