Laughing Seniors

With mirth and laughter, let old wrinkles come

Laughing at Aging

Laughing and aging may not seem like a natural pairing, but my experience facilitating laughter yoga events shows seniors love to laugh. And medical science shows such laughter is wise, as well as fun  

Laughter Yoga uses ideas, eye contact and easy almost childlike exercises among fellow laughers to start intentional laughter that stimulates spontaneous laughs. The heart, lungs, diaphragm and brain, the whole body and so of course the mind are all stimulated in an easy, natural way to improve mood, reduce blood pressure, boost the immune system, and enhance well being.

Freely available wherever you go, laughter is nature's elixir, for our brain is easy to outwit; Begin with intentional laughter and it releases serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, feel-good brain and body chemicals that immediately uplift one's mood, while causing spontaneous laughs to sweep contagiously through the group. It works so well the Mayo Clinic endorses laughter yoga on its website.

Laughter yoga does more than help the body. One cannot laugh and think simultaneously, so laughter yoga helps quiet and soothe the mind. It is a facet in laughing at aging, a method enhancing conscious aging. Laughter yoga promotes better deeper breathing, and so facilitates prana, the breathe of life. 

Deeper breathing may indeed lead to deeper living. Laughing promotes deeper breathing.

Laughter yoga is an ideal tool to conscious aging, but most of all, its fun.

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